The Crypto Universe – comparing 6 different crypto currencies. Awesome infographic

An awesome graphic from eToro and VisualCapitalist.

Etoro_VC Crypto_06

Click here for the full size graphic –

One of my favorite VAR (Vu Tien) wrote . . .

Anybody can make fancy infographics about crypto currencies. But the value of this one is in the detailed comments that accompany each crypto-currency. Thank you Usha Krishnan My modest contribution: Ripple is indeed “considerable different from Bitcoin” but it does not “run on many of the same principles of Bitcoin”, it uses a “I owe you” protocol. Instead of transferring money directly to an unknown account, it first establish a “social network” linking the-man-who-knows-the-man-who-knows-the-man-who-knows-the-final-target

Have fun and be careful – the swings of the currencies are worse than . . . (give me your best fill-in-the-blank answer)!!

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